My name is Chuck Reed.  I have been a photographer for over 40 years.  I have seen the age of film and slides to the introduction and expansion of the digital era. What a quantum leap photography has taken in the past 40 years.  Black and white, then color, then slides, now digital.  It has been an exciting ride so far.  Look forward to where it will go next.  It is progress, but also, a better product for the consumer.  As a photographer, we are always striving for that one shot that beats all other shots we have taken in our life.  Being an outdoor photographer, for the most part, I am always looking.  Hoping some day to finally capture that elusive "grand" photo. 

I enjoy the challenge of doing weddings, anniversaries, retirements, and graduations.  Each situation beings it's own trials and tribulations.  I like to see how I can expand my photography, encompass all the surroundings, and produce a product that the recipients will enjoy for years to come.

Never stop learning.