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Went and explored Death Valley the first of March, before everything blew up with COVID-19.  What a fun place. A lot to see  The old Borax facilities, sand dunes, salt flats and of course, and my favorite, the sliding rocks of Raceway Playa  What a drive, 2 hours to get there over very rough terrain, but all worth it.  A very interesting place.  I will be posting pictures as I have them completed. To see some shots taken from my cellphone visit my Facebook page at Colian Fine Art Photography.  I have uploaded a few for all to see. Better shots will be forthcoming on my website. I am all signed up for the Victorian Christmas Festival in Puyallup this winter. Don't forget to drop by and say hi.  See ya then...

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A Victorian Christmas The Victorian Christmas festival in Puyallup was a lot of fun. Spoke to a lot of people and gave out a lot of information.  Enjoyed speaking to everyone. If you were there, I hope you stopped by to say hello.  Some of last years buyers did stop by and say hi. Had good numbers of people, but were short of last years numbers.  This is the last show for this year.  Will be getting ready for shows in 2020.  If still interested in calendars or note cards, let me know. Otherwise, see you all next year

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Tacoma Dome Holiday Food and Art Festival Hi everyone to my first blog. Did the Tacoma Dome Holiday Food and Art festival.  For all those I spoke to, thank you for dropping into my booth and website.  As my message in the home page, I am still building this site, so check back often to see new items posted. I introduced two new products this year to my line up. This is note cards, two different series, and calendars, two different sizes.  These are not posted anywhere on my website, so if you want any or more info on them, drop me an email. Otherwise, it was a good show as I talked to a lot of people.  I enjoy sharing info about my work as well as other questions people may ask.

Next show is the Victorian Christmas in Puyallup the first of December.  If you saw something in Tacoma, come see me at Puyallup and hopefully I still have it.  If not, I can surely  make you up one.  See you all there in Puyallup

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